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Hello and welcome to Opus Publishing.


We’re a small publishing company that designs, publishes, and sells the very best maps of New York City that exist today. To purchase maps online, please choose either the New York Maps page or the Boston Maps page.


Our maps are wonderfully useful whether you're just visiting the city or you’ve lived here all your life. Either way, you’ll love the exquisite detail of these maps, showing (among other things) all subway stations and lines, points of interests, police stations, post offices, and even libraries.

If you’d like to purchase maps in bulk, you receive an automatic 20% discount when you order packages of 12 or more, and a 30% discount when you order boxes of 144 or more.

Maps can be a great way to welcome new personnel to your company. And if you are hosting an event with visitors from out of town, consider sending along Mini-Maps with the invitations to help your guests find their way around.

If you have other questions or would like to order larger quantities, please contact us at maps@opuspublishing.com or call us at 718-969-8051.