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New Yorker's Credit Card Maps: New York Streets Set

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The New York Streets set gives wallet-sized coverage of Manhattan. Individual maps included are Central Park/Museum Mile (showing all museums); Midtown Manhattan (showing museums, points of interest, and some theaters); and Downtown Manhattan, which covers 14th Street down the tip of the island. A Manhattan Map, showing all major roads, rounds out the set. Unlike the New York City set, the New York Streets set does not include any subway maps.

The wallet-sized Credit Card Maps from Opus Publishing are the most convenient map you’ll ever carry. Exactly the size of a credit card, they can be carried loose in a pocket, in a wallet, or in a MetroCard holder. Each map is printed on a plastic stock which is paper-thin but incredibly durable (similar to a MetroCard). These maps do not fold out; the information is printed on the front and back of the cards.


  • Manhattan Map
  • Downtown Manhattan Map
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Central Park/Museum Mile

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