Digital Vector Map of Onondaga County, NY

Onondaga County, NY: Detailed Street Map

$ 350.00

This map of Onondaga County, NY includes all street lines and names for the entire county, along with other geographic features. Every feature exists on its own layer for easy editing.


  • Scale
  • Interstate Shields
  • Highways Text
  • Local Roads Text
  • Minor Roads Text
  • Rivers Text
  • Water Bodies Text
  • Airports Text
  • Landmarks Text
  • Colleges & Universities Text
  • Hospitals Text
  • Cemeteries Text
  • Parks Text
  • Urban Areas Text
  • Limited Access Highways Centerline
  • Highways Centerline
  • Limited Access Highways Outline
  • Highways Outline
  • Exit Ramps
  • Local Roads Centerline
  • Minor Roads Centerline
  • Local Roads Outline
  • Minor Roads Outline
  • Railroad Tracks
  • Rivers
  • Water Bodies
  • Airports
  • Landmarks
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Cemeteries
  • Parks
  • Urban Area
  • County Areas

Note: Every layer may not be included in a map based on geography. For example, if there are no airports in a given county, there will not be an airport layer.

Test Drive

You can download a generic map in Adobe Illustrator format here to test functionality. This is just a small cutout of a random county map.

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