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New Yorker's Credit Card Map Packs

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These wallet-sized Credit Card Maps are the most convenient maps you’ll ever carry. Exactly the size of a credit card or a MetroCard, they can be carried loose in a pocket, in a wallet, or in a MetroCard holder. Each map is printed on a plastic stock which is paper-thin but incredibly durable (similar to a MetroCard). These maps do not fold out; the information is printed on the front and back of the cards.

Because of their small size, these maps are sold only in packs of 25 cards through this website. Each pack is priced at $29.95, or $1.20 per map, which is a 20% discount off the normal per-map price of $1.50. (If you do not want to purchase 25 maps, please note that you can also purchase individual sets of three or four maps: New York City Credit Card Maps, New York Streets Credit Card Maps, and New York Transit Credit Card Maps.)

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