About Us

Opus Publishing was founded in 2002 by Steve Duncan and Arthur Gorelik to produce and publish the absolute best city maps possible. Our maps are comprehensive, absolutely accurate, and highly detailed. Most importantly, though, we bring our own experience of the city to our maps, giving them a personal touch that is only possible with a small company and dedicated, committed designers. On our maps, you’ll find pretty much everything that you need to know about as a resident or visitor to the city—from subway stations and building address numbers to post offices and police stations.

About Our Founding Partners

Arthur Gorelik is a graphic designer and artist. He’s a graduate of New York City’s Pratt Institute and he has spent his career designing maps and books, and working with printers around the world.

Steve Duncan is an urban historian & writer. He has appeared on Discovery Channel documentaries as an Urban Historian; he’s the author of “City Squares: New York” and a contributor to other guidebooks; and he is the historian and photographer behind Undercity.org.

About Our Maps

We’re often asked how we actually make our maps. In any individual map, the data comes from a variety of sources. Land and water areas, and some landmarks, come from integration of satellite photos. Road data comes to us from county-level Departments of Transportation, via a third-party data provider. Inclusion of landmarks as well as detailed maps of intersections, parks, and institutions from individual visits to the sites. Additional information such as post office locations, museums, police stations, libraries, and hospitals is all added into separate layers after being carefully researched through literally thousands of visits and phone calls.